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Go and get some bread because what you are going to find here tastes better with a good loaf next to it. Discover all our products, handmade in the traditional way. If your mouth starts watering or you feel hungry all of a sudden, don’t worry, it’s understandable.


This is, without a doubt, Embutidos Hortanco’s star product. Proof of this are the acknowledgements obtained in 2010, 2016, and 2018 with the Third Prize and in 2012 and 2014 with the first prize in the Navarra Chistorra Contest. If you are looking for a balanced chistorra, one in which no single ingredient stands out more than another, and which makes you nod in approval while eating it, you’ve found it. We prepare it in natural casings, with high-quality pork meat and with designation of origin paprikas.


pintxo txistorra

Choricillo Oreado

Choricillos in cider are a nectar of the gods, and our choricillo oreado is the perfect choice for this recipe. It is a semi-cured product that has been dried for 3 days, so it must cooked before eating. Roasted it is finger-licking good, and it can also be served with any kind of pulses. A safe bet.


chorizo oreado

Chorizo Cular

This chorizo is called cular, but it should be called se-cular. Because no matter how many centuries go by, it is still a delight for everyone who tries it. It is a cured product, made with lean meat and bacon, coarsely minced. It is stuffed into pork rind and then left to dry for at least 50 days at a controlled temperature and humidity, and is eaten raw.


chorizo cular

Fresh longaniza sausage

Also known as fresh sausage, unlike the other products, it does not go through the drying room. Thus, once it is stuffed, it is ready to be cooked and consumed. Hence the term ‘fresh’. It is a product with a higher proportion of lean pork and slightly less bacon, to which various spices are added. It is then stuffed in natural lamb casings. A delicacy for the most demanding palates.


Longaniza Fresca

Salchichón sarta

If you cut it, serve it at the table, and you have children and don’t watch out… when you go back to the living room, the plate will be empty. This product, the star of any starter and afternoon snack, is made with lean pork and pork belly. In this case, no paprika is used, but it is seasoned with white and black pepper and a range of other spices that give it its characteristic flavour. It is stuffed in natural pork casings and left to dry for 21 days at a controlled temperature and humidity. Sharpen your knives because they will ask you to cut more, and more, and more, and more…


salchichón sarta

Salchichón cular

Just like its brother chorizo cular, it is made with lean pork and pork belly and its mince is coarser. It is seasoned with a mixture of peppers and other spices and then stuffed in pork casings. After 30 days in the drying room, it is ready to eat. If you cut it diagonally, your hair will stand on end. This is an automatic reaction of the body.


salchichon cular

Chorizo Sarta

The surname of this chorizo refers to its horseshoe shape, although if we were to tell you that it is because those who try it end up taking home a “sarta” (string) of them, we would not be far wrong. This chorizo is cured and has been dried for 21 days. It is eaten raw. Unlike other chorizos, this one has no colouring or preservatives, and it has slightly smoky hints, without being overpowering, allowing to appreciate the artisanal touch and the flavours of the paprika it is made with.


chorizo sarta

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